Oeuvre & Out

by The Tourist

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released September 3, 2011

All music written and performed by Hunter MacDermut with additional guitar and synth by Gabe Nardin. All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gabe Nardin.



all rights reserved


The Tourist Apex, North Carolina


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Track Name: ...five, six.
what could've caused you/ to fall right off the planet/ I haven't heard from you/ and now I don't think that I want to/ or that I need you/ you've got someone new/ good for you

it'd take a monolith/ to knock us straight out of orbit/ we're spiraling toward the sun/ still I can't cope with what you've done/ or rather undone/ I don't need a reason/ I've already got one two three four five six

seven days go by before/ I realize you've gone now you/ remind me once a day as if our/ lives remain unchanged
Track Name: Let's put it to a vote.
let's put it to a vote and do it quick before she arrives/ I will take the bedroom, that's the last place she'd think I would hide/ as for you, I'm sorry, but you'll have to face the barrage/ 'cause you see, dear daddy, sister's already claimed the garage

what's that leave for you now/ someone's got to take the blame/ for what it's worth I'll miss you/ and carry on the family name

cannons roar with envy, giant flames forget to breathe/ poison stews with fury, great stone walls fall at her feet/ so why'd I think this blanket would shield me, that this pillow would muffle the sound/ she attacks with grace and beauty, growing up through me from beneath the ground

what's that leave for me now/ guess I've done all that I can/ I'll close my eyes and hope/ someday this'll make me a better man

the sun's coming up this morning/ that much I know/ that much you can't deny me/ as far as I know

those among us weak enough to be happy must not know what it means/ in her wake the waves seem lovely but pull me to the depths beneath/ I hope she never finds me, that I blend neatly and flush with the clothes/ 'cause I'm not sure how much more I can take, I give up, you can go
Track Name: 7/29/09 7:14pm
starting today I'm going to track/ the fondness of my heart in your absence/ to see if over time there's a clear difference/ the results might surprise us both

well I'm just as curious/ as you've got to be/ but when whimsy is lost/ what's left for us/ let's accept the facts/ shut up and relax/ it isn't like we didn't know

I always thought there was more to you

it's desperate and low/ but we can't help the way our bloods flow/ like a wave in sevens or eights/ and as we dive beneath to avoid the release/ when we come up for air we're engulfed

I always thought there was more to you
Track Name: New Hill, NC
last night I drove to New Hill/ for something to do/ since there's nothing to do in New Hill/ I started to think of you

holding on to my waist/ as we fly down highway 1 doing 68/ I figured I could go a little faster/ if the load were a little lighter

it's about time I put an end to deciding/ and make a decision/ of all the old towns in the world worth finding/ why'd I have to find this one

I don't know/ guess I'll turn around/ and head back to where I came from/ back to where I could put my feet on the ground/ back to your arms, ignore the alarms
Track Name: Dull Hum
can you hear that dull hum/ any idea where it's coming from/ don't pretend that you can't hear it when I catch you looking around

don't mistake the ice box/ or blame the din on the oven top/ maybe what you're hearing's coming from an engine under the ground

whatever it is I know what it isn't

put your ear to the ground/ not to hear but to feel the earth/ resound

fall apart in my hands/ I dare you/ I swear you had it better 'fore you met me/ do you regret it/ 'cause I would
Track Name: April
don't you think you've said enough/ I swear I don't believe you're capable of saving

face the facts, you're older now/ and time it seems to be accelerating rapidly

it's like you don't exist when they call your name/ as though you'd prefer to be in the grave/ well I believe it's just the way you validate

your fears collect and pool inside/ and no one's close at hand to supervise in case you

drown inside a mason jar/ and though they say it only takes an inch/ you've managed it completely dry
Track Name: You could hear a pin drop.
you see it's just ennui/ and why aren't we trying to remedy/ this cold, ribald, trifling discourse/ I fold

sometimes when it all comes to a head/ our devices scream malfunction/ lapse into miscalculation

you've made a great case/ though ever staid I'm making passes/ hold on, this next one/ is bound to have an explanation

sometimes when it all comes to a head/ our devices scream malfunction/ lapse into miscalculation

so please let loose/ it isn't like you ever had a chance to make a difference anyway/ so by all means/ let me have let me have it let me have it let me have it let me clear the way 'cause

sometimes when it all comes to a head/ our devices scream malfunction/ lapse into miscalculation
Track Name: Regarding what we discussed...
don't tell me that you need me/ I highly doubt that anyone/ ever really needs what/ they can't provide for themselves

just talk to me/ it's just our poorly calculated chemistry

regarding what we discussed/ I'm inclined to disagree/ I've been making love my whole life/ but there's no supply without demand

just lie with me/ can't be held responsible for my chastity

don't you have anything else to say/ especially after we've come all this way

just fuck me/ maybe then we can be happy/ regardless of our volatility/ perhaps in spite of what makes us interesting/ and at the risk of outright surrendering/ our birthright to live incompletely/ what do you say/ are you with me
Track Name: Everything was up, the jig and all.
the possibilities are endless you see/ and speaking of which, shouldn't you be

making a change, taking the stage

tell me what you think/ after several drinks/ are we on our way/ or are we on the brink of

making a change/ taking the stage

well I have really made a mess/ figured I'd settle for less/ maybe love is what I get/ for years of keeping my ears wet